The Experience

The Klear Care Experience

You will not regret embarking on your mental health journey with Klear Care.

Taking the first step can feel daunting. We know because we’ve been in your shoes. That’s why we have made the Klear Care experience convenient, easy, and even enjoyable! Here’s what to expect when you start the process:

1. Begin Here

Submit a screening form so that we can ensure we are the best fit for your needs. While we review, we’ll secure a tentative appointment for you.

2. Receive confirmation

If we decide that we are a good fit for your needs, your appointment will be confirmed, and we will move forward in the process. If for whatever reason, we do not feel that we are a good fit, your tentative appointment will be canceled.

3. Meet with your provider

Attend your scheduled intake appointment with your provider. During this meeting, you and your provider will begin to build your relationship and your provider will formulate a treatment plan that will help you gain greater mental wellness. Please fill out your new patient paperwork prior to this meeting.

4. Engage in your customized treatment plan

Depending on your needs, you will meet with your provider every 1-3 months. Your provider will be easily accessible to you via our secure text message system and on-demand monthly therapy sessions that are included in our monthly membership program.

5. Track your progress

We’re not about just hoping our methods are working around here. That’s why we ask that you complete regularly scheduled outcome questionnaires so that we can monitor your progress and adjust as needed throughout your journey.
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