Manage ADHD with Klear care

ADHD - It’s more common
than you think.

Living with ADHD

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that triggers difficulty paying attention, overactive behaviors, and compulsiveness. Genetics plays a vital role in developing ADHD. However, some theorize that birthing complications and environmental factors may also contribute.

The medical community has long defined ADHD as a disorder that primarily affects children, and today, we are more adept at diagnosing it. However, many adults and adolescents are unknowingly living with ADHD and not getting the help they need to improve their lives.

Symptoms of ADHD in Children and Adults

The symptoms of ADHD can look different in children and adults. A child with ADHD may exhibit the following behaviors:

Whereas an adult or adolescent with ADHD may show some of these common signs:

There is help no matter your age.

The social and emotional risks of not seeking care for ADHD are too high, regardless of age. As you can see from the symptoms above, ADHD can hinder you from reaching your potential in life, including at school, in relationships, and in the workplace. If you or someone you love has been battling some of these feelings, make an appointment to get tested today!

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